Before I begin documenting my thoughts, actions, learnings, and milestones, I think it’s important to first understand the dude behind the words. So, here we go. 

My name is Landon Roddenberry. As I write this, I am currently 23 years old. I’m from a small town in North Carolina and a recent graduate of the US Air Force Academy. I’m also recently married to my beautiful wife Rebecca who lives with me in San Antonio, TX.

My current occupation as an Ops Research Analyst (similar to a data scientist) keeps me busy during the working hours of the week, but allows for plenty of dedicated work at SHU – Side Hustle University. 

Just like most of you, I too am putting in the long hours to learn a new skill, build a new app, and or launch a new product. It’s exciting, challenging, and just plain fun (hopefully, one-day profitable… but we’ll get to that). 

All of my time at SHU has occurred in the last 3 years, i.e. I’ve only been building things for the past three years. So if you’re looking for some seasoned entrepreneurial advice, I’m afraid you won’t find it here. That being said, there is a certain value to be gained from recency. And I, having tried many different projects within a 3 year span, am inclined to lend a helping hand. 

Just to get you sold on this recency factor, I’d like to provide an example. Tigran Hakobyan is the creator of Chronhub – a side project that is raking in over 2K a month. Here’s the kicker, he created and manages the whole business himself, all while maintaining a full-time remote job as a software engineer at Buffer. The best part, he did it Recently! Only two years ago he began building the app and documented each step including how he acquired his first customers. As someone who has read more business books and blog posts than I care to admit, Tigran’s documentation has been the most valuable… By a long shot. All because it was recent. 

Track Record:

Now, with the introductions and shoutouts behind us, I will endeavor to provide as much value as possible. Here’s my track record thus far:

2015: USAFA basic training. Passed by flying under the radar as an unimpressive “Ghost cadet”

2016: Attempted to major in Physics (insert canned laughter here). Dropped and Switched to Economics because of Calc III – I passed, but barely.

2017: Realised I hate school, but stick it out and survive anyway using the Pareto Efficiency model (80-20 rule). Minor depression sets in.

Mid 2017: After watching Aaron Marino (aka Alpha m. – youtuber) for two years, I decided to try my hand at something similar… – my first baby. 

Late 2017: I’ve learned how to build a beautiful website and have exactly no customers. So I start an instagram account to drive traffic. 

2018: I’ve grown the instagram account to 15K followers and post several times a day. Still no customers. So I start a youtube channel – GL Alphas, and grow the channel to 600+ subscribers. 

Mid 2018: I have an idea to build the Airbnb of storage. Immediately get to work and build Still keeping Gentleman’s Look running.

2019: Graduate USAFA with a degree in Economics, get married to Rebecca, continue working on storeitspace. 

Late 2019: Grad School stuff and limited time dedicated to storeitspace and Gentleman’s Look.  

2020: I Learn full-stack development in 1 month and begin work on my first SaaS app Meanwhile, storeitspace is “acquired” by and I join their team.


This list is meant to neither impress nor entertain you. Feel free to laugh, though. I was while writing it. The purpose of the list is to give you a snapshot of my experiences. That is all. Each of my projects included many challenges, failures, and, dare I say, successes. All of which I hope to impart to you as an aid in your journey of being, what I like to call, a *BUILDER.  

*(A Builder is one who creates things for the purpose of profiting either by means of monetary compensation, increased happiness, or overall expanded utility.)

My promise to you? Clarity. I will be as honest and forthright as I possibly can. If you ever have a question or need a second set of eyes, feel free to reach me on twitter @LandonRodd or via email -> 

All the best Builders!